The Yarnsmith of Norwich is every inch a mesmeric character, from the tip of his expressive finger-tips to the tilt of tall hat his stage persona grabs the audience’s attention – and his warmth and immediate rapport with the audience ensures that he retains it from his first words to the very last silence which greets the conclusion to his final tale. His stories are irreverent and full of cunning and revel in life and are told with great flair and a real twinkle in the eye. Yet they are also told with a real awareness of pace and structure, recognising the value of repetition and a well turned phrase. His use of alliteration is masterful and lends at times a hypnotic quality to his storytelling, magically drawing you deeper into the tale – so that while it may appear to be very casual and relaxed it is actually very carefully structured . The mixture of riddles and stories appealed to all ages present and the poignancy of the final story was masterfully presented. A real joy to listen to.
Settle Storytelling Festival 2016
That was a brilliant show, your own story of storytelling is one of the best and most cheering tales I've heard in a good while. Truly heartwarming, comical, honest and natural.  It was a delight.
Tom Hughes, ‘Tales of an Itinerant Teller’ at FATE 2018
On the evening of Friday 12th September 'After Dark Tales' (the new version of 'Scandal Nights') held the first Story Telling session which proved to be absolutely terrific! The tiny quaint Tom Thumb Theatre was the perfect setting for Dave Tonge from Norwich who held the audience in the palm of his hand, engaging with us in a very special way, drawing us into his world of folk from a bygone age which we truly believe in and enthralled us with their wily ways! He drew characters from history and made them live again, making us really care about them and rejoicing when they won over from adversity. Trip Advisor review of ‘The Shaming of Agnes Leaman                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              David's hugely entertaining storytelling session provided the perfect ending to our festival. His performance was very dynamic, and he kept an audience of all ages completely enraptured. He is clearly a natural - very relaxed but consummately professional. A real joy to work with. Sonia Frost -Theatre of the Small. Organiser of the Sandwich Winter Tales Festival
Dave Tong had children and adults alike gripped with his stories despite many distractions and wild weather. It was a delight to see that storytelling still holds huge appeal when done as well as this.
Mary Riall, Ufton Court, Educational Trust
My son, his friend and i were spellbound by David Tonge's story telling on Saturday. We sat to hear many of his tales. My son has a short attention span at times, but to see him just sit and listen was spellbinding. Mrs Helen Brown, Snailwell Medieval Fayre
A special thank you for the Wednesday evening story-walk, which for me was the highlight of the week; a magical blend of stories, forest and music which I won’t forget in a hurry. It is your professionalism and enthusiasm for the event that makes the festival so special - A huge thank you.
Izi Banton, Manager - Sherwood Forest Country Park and the annual Robin Hood Festival