Wonder is the seed of knowledge...
Storytelling can be used in any area of the school curriculum, although my main focus is on history and all sessions can include some music, period dancing and games. I also supply sheepskins for sitting on, historical replica artefacts. Individual sessions (Per class/group) tend to last up to one hour long, with breaks for games, looking at objects etc. Sessions can be tales from the stone age, Saxon, Viking, Medieval, Tudor or Stuart times with the emphasis on fun and improving children’s listening skills, or they can be adapted to the needs of the National Curriculum...
Primary, KS1-2
New for 2016 -2017 
Stone Age Stories - Legends from a Long Forgotten Land
I’ve have just finished developing a set of stone age stories based on a session that ran at a number of Suffolk libraries during the spring of 2016. It was called ‘Legends from a Long Forgotten Land,’ and included stories about the Neolithic hunter gathers who were forced to leave ‘Doggerland’ (the now flooded land that once join Britain to Europe) The new school set also includes handling objects from animal skins, antlers and bones to replica flint tools, while the stories are adapted from African, Native American and Inuit tales to help paint a picture of the lives of our neolithic ancestors. As the original Legends from a Long Forgotten Land promotion said....

Come one and all and hear tell ancient stories about the lost world of Doggerland, the vast open spaces of woods, marsh and grassland that joined us to Europe over 8000 years ago.. Imagine that you were there, sitting in a simple house, a shelter of wood, reed and earth, sharing tales about hunting vicious boar and wild wolves, of magical groves and sacred pools, and of the peoples struggle to survive as the land was swallowed by the sea and their simple way of life was changed for ever more.
KS2 Tudor
The KS2 Tudor sessions  include authentic stories from the time, but with extra detail about the period. They cover all aspects of Tudor life, from Kings and Queens and famous explorers to the differences  between rich and poor in Tudor times. As well as replica handling objects to help give a feel for the time, the children can have a go at  some ‘wrestling’ games  that would have been popular at any Tudor fayre!
Saxon and Viking
The Saxon and Viking session is not linked so specifically to the curriculum units, but designed to give an overview of life in Saxon/Viking times by telling stories of Gods, Myths and Men. Stories like Beowulf (adapted for a young audience) Thor's stolen hammer and any amount of Scandinavian and Germanic folk tales that tend to be very silly!
Secondary, KS3
My KS3 sessions tend to focus on the Medieval period. A typical storytelling session gives an introductory overview of life at the time, or alternatively I can offer stories that focus on monarchs and how they kept control and also changing attitudes to religion in the period. A particular focus of mine is Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, with stories adapted for the modern ear and also lots of information on pilgrimage and medieval life in general.

A Recommendation
I just wanted to commit to writing my thanks for the great storytelling sessions that you did with our children. The feedback from the children was incredibly positive and the teaching staff commented that it was great the way you included the whole range of abilities and learning styles through your interactive stories.  Michael Bunting, Deputy Head - Recreation Road Primary School, Norwich
All that said, I am very flexible and more than happy to adapt my sessions to the individual needs of teachers. Please feel free to contact me with your own ideas..