Storytellers grow new corn 
from old fields...

Storytellers grow new corn by adapting the old stories to suit an audience and also the needs of the performance. Meaning that I can be ‘site specific’ and link my tales to the history of a heritage site and its collections.  There is however much more to my performances than this....
English Tales or Stories from around the World?
Many of the stories I tell, do not originate in England. Many are ancient tales from India and beyond that have come over here during the time of the crusades and with many a sailor coming back from his travels. That said, the stories as I have found them have been given a distinctly English flavour and because of my historical background I can set the stories in their context. When I tell stories about nagging wives I can also tell the audience why there were stories about nagging wives. This helps bring audiences closer to their history, for a good story lessens that great divide between us and the peoples of long ago.  
 Interactive Storytelling
Although I often say, “harken unto my words and hold your tongues...” I don’t actually mean it
(The bit about holding your tongues that is) I encourage both children and adults to get involved with a cunning riddle and more besides.
The Stories I Tell
I offer a number of different types of performance (Including seasonal) all of which offer a blend of the serious and silly. From the five minute merry jest to the thirty minute legend. Further details of my longer performances can be found on my ‘Performances’ page, but for general sessions see below:
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Saxon & Viking
Tudor & Stuart.
                                         My Storytelling Tent
I will tell anywhere, but can also offer my medieval style ‘burgundian’ tent. I have sheepskins and benches to sit on and it’s packed full of artefacts and replica objects. It can fit up to about 30 adults and children inside when the weather is foul and it measures approximately 10 meters wide, by about 5 meters deep including ropes.
* Even if not using the tent I can still supply sheepskins, benches and objects.
Performance Length & Times
These vary depending on the needs of the venue. I can drum up a crowd as and when I feel the time is right or offer timed sessions. These can be thirty minutes in each hour or whatever is needed to fit around other performances & activities on site.